Leading Real Estate Agent in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura

HomeCanarias is a Real Estate Agency based in Puerto del Rosario, capital of Fuerteventura. founded during a very positive time for investors in Real Estate, both in the Canary islands and in the rest of Europe.

This very positive time for investors in Real Estate, both in Puerto del Rosario and in the rest of Fuerteventura, we handle every type of property: apartments, villas by the sea, houses to live in or holiday homes, land where to build the house or the villa of your dreams, also commercial and industrial real estate, hotel or resort, or any properties that can be leased or purchased.

Real estate activity

Our Real Estate Agency is dedicated to the Fuerteventura, particularly in Puerto del Rosario, for the sale and rental of all types of properties, as well as all the arrangements and after-sale services that our client may need.

HomeCanarias is competent and committed and will be happy to answer all your queries individually and help in all matters arising before and after you are enjoying your new real estate in Fuerteventura.

To develop our work and increase the chances of success, we work with professionals and other local entities, sharing our experiences, This way we always have qualified people capable of managing and advising our clients according to their needs, give them answers to their questions and help you achieve your dream home in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Currently there is no shortage of buildings and the properties market is more alive than ever, even in Puerto del Rosario.

Our goal

Our goal

The main objective of HomeCanarias real estate is to offer to customers a wide range of properties with the best value that our excellent customer service has to offer. Our mission is to help you to quickly find in Fuerteventura your home, villa, land, apartment or commercial properties, whether you want to buy or rent some, but also in case you want to sell and lease properties.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, always acting professionally and with integrity, offering a careful and personalized attention, practical and friendly at the same time, adapted to the needs of each one. HomeCanarias ensure that you are fully satisfied before, during and after the sale or rental of your house, villa, apartment, land or any other kind of properties Puerto del Rosario and all Fuerteventura.

The result

The result

We work with the ambition that HomeCanarias increasingly become a dynamic, agile and able to adapt to the current changes in the property market of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura and, above all, of Puerto del Rosario.

In advance thank you for being part of this new home and to trust us. We are sure that you will be completely satisfied with the services and consulting of the real estate HomeCanarias.

Finding your home and concluding the sale in Puerto del Rosario and the rest of Fuerteventura has never been as easy as it is right now.


Francesca of HomeCanarias