Why the Canaries

Fuerteventura - Canary Islands, the best Place to own Property in Europe

Fuerteventura is the oldest island of the Canaries, it is known for its volcanic origin and its turquoise sea, beautiful endless beaches and sand dunes unique in its kind.

Now, apart from this wonderful combination of ocean and beaches, we have had more reasons to settle here in Europe our home and estate agency, becoming part of the Fuerteventura property market.

We would like to run briefly over these other reasons which made us settle on this beautiful and peaceful island of Fuerteventura in the Canaries, where services and the cost of living, housing and real estate market are definitely on a human scale.

The crisis and the real estate market

The economic crisis of the recent past has totally altered the perspectives of property market in general as well as in the Canary Islands. Here are still many unused and unfinished buildings, flats, apartments as well as the one or the other real property, house, villa or hotel.

However, investing wisely in real estate in the Canaries seems fresh and interesting again. You can buy a property, house, flat, villa or apartment to live in, for the purpose of property investment or the creation of rental income from real property.

Geography and Climate of the Canary Islands

The island group forms the very last end of southern european territory in the Atlantic Ocean, about 650 miles away from the Mainland of Spain and just in front of the Maroccan Coastline. These islands and especially those located more to the east lay under the influence of dry tropical climate, with pleasant and mild temperatures throughout the year. The day temperature only drops a few degrees at night time with average annual temperatures ranging from 16º to 25º C.

You don´t need to get your scarf and gloves out in Winter, the Summer pleases us with warm and very supportable heat and your property does not need air conditioning.

Quality of life

Called by the Romans the Fortunate Islands, the Canaries allow their residents and travellers to enjoy an excellent standard of living not only for the privileged climate, but also through stunning scenery, outstanding infrastructure and quality services, perfectly combining business with the best options for leisure and relaxation.

The archipelago's climate allows the practice of any sport throughout the year, mainly emphasizing outdoor activities like golf, horse riding, hiking, tennis, and water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, swimming, fishing, diving, etc.

Economic and Fiscal

The Canarian Economy is highly influenced by the service sector, currently representing over 80% of total Gross Domestic Product, with its main streams in tourism and trade.

The Canary Islands receive benefits from their special financial and tax treatment which is given to offset the island status and remoteness, and benefit from a number of exceptions and favourable changes in the application of European Community Law. 

The Canary Islands economy & tax regime contains a number of tax benefits for the creation and development of business activities, established in the Spanish Legislation and approved by the EU institutions.

Among the various incentives highlights the so-called (ZECZona Especial Canaria, through which you get to pay taxes only up to 5% of company tax, which means that the autonomous region has become not only an ideal tourist destination, but also a highly attractive area for investment taxation.

Fuerteventura and all seven Canary Islands have low property taxes compared to the rest of Spain.

Economic future

The Canary Islands are nowadays the main logistic and port spot between Europe, America and Africa, and in this regard many European and American companies have targeted the Canary Islands to locate their headquarters on their investments in West Africa. Fuerteventura is only 60 miles from the coast of Africa.

Thanks to its enviable and strategic geographical position, which encourages the establishment of centres for business and financial operations, thus promoting the transfer of capital, technology transfer and exchange of services, the Canaries are experiencing spectacular growth in goods and services not only tourist related.

The Canary Islands as the archipelago of eternal spring is the assured paradise for holidays, as well as for living and investment, including real property investment.